screenshots of the demo homepages for each of the Crosswinds Framework child themes

Create an Entire Website with No Code

With the WordPress site editor and the Crosswinds Framework, you have the ability to create your new website without having to touch any code. From changing the colors and fonts to customizing the header or footer to building your homepage, you can truly create the website you want the world to see — right from your dashboard!

Choose Fonts and Colors That Match Your Branding

Fonts and colors are some of the most important design elements for any website. And the Crosswinds Framework makes it easy to customize both of those. You can choose from any one of a number of fonts to use throughout the website and to customize all of the colors used on the site to match your branding.

Start with a Blank Canvas to Create What You Want

By default the Crosswinds Framework comes as a blank canvas. You can turn this website to anything you want. From changing the header and footer to using the various patterns to create amazing pages, the theme will help you build the website you want without having to worry about any code.

Start with a Niche Child Theme to Get Started in Minutes

Or if you want to get a head start in building the website of your dreams, you can choose from one of the niche child themes. The themes are built specifically for a niche, and you’re bound to find one that works for what you need. It’s a great way to create an entire website in no time!

colorful lego blocks

Add More Functionality with Crosswinds Blocks

The other half of the Crosswinds Framework is the Crosswinds Block companion plugin. This free plugin adds in extra functionality, such as additional blocks, various custom post types and even more design tools. And the best part is that it can also work with other themes!

Block Library

The Crosswinds Blocks plugin adds a number of blocks that you can use throughout your site. From post navigation and related posts to a grid block that can help you create amazing designs to social sharing and even tabs and accordions, the plugin gives you the tools to really add cool functionality to your website.

Upgrade Your Design Tools

While the WordPress site editor and core blocks continue to improve, they are still missing better design tools, particularly with responsive design. The plugin covers these gaps, allowing you to define columns on tablet and mobile screen sizes and using flex box on any group or column block.

Seamless Integration

While the Crosswinds Blocks plugin is built for the Crosswinds Framework, the plugin and its styles are theme agnostic. That means it can work with any theme you use on your website. It’s a versatile plugin that can work on any website!

Get Started with the Crosswinds Framework Today!

Ready to start using the Crosswinds Framework today and build the website you’ve always wanted to create? Awesome! You can download the theme from GitHub right now and get started creating today!