Block patterns are the way you can quickly create great pages on your website. Local Services comes packed with patterns that can allow you to add in hero sections, testimonials, your skills, services and projects and so much more. You can discover all of the patterns that come with the Crosswinds Framework below.

Blog Posts Sections

Display your latest blog posts on your homepage with these patterns.

Call to Action Sections

Highlight a section with a background, heading, paragraph text and a button for a reader to click.


Local Services comes with several different footers that you can customize for your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Display a frequently asked questions section on a page to help people learn more about your business, products or services.


Local Services comes with several different headers that you can use for your website.

Hero Sections

Start your home or landing page off right with a hero section consisting of an image, a heading, text and buttons.


Display a grid of logos of companies that you’ve worked with and created great work for.

Photo Grids

Show a grid of photos of work that you’ve done for others.

Pricing Tables

Local Services comes with a variety of pricing table section options you can use for your homepage or landing pages.


Display your greatest work with these project section patterns.


Display all of the services you or your business offer.


Display a grid or row of stats about your business.


Show off your best testimonials or reviews for your great work.

Text and Media

Highlight a section of your content with these text and media sections and grids.