Block patterns are the way you can quickly create great pages on your website. Portafoglio comes packed with patterns that can allow you to add in hero sections, testimonials, your skills, services and features and so much more. You can discover all of the patterns that come with Portafoglio below.

Business Cards

Add in a section that looks like a digital business card. It works great for your contact page.


Highlight a section with a background, heading, paragraph text and a button for a reader to click.

Featured Content

Add in a featured content section with a photo column and a column of text.


Customize how the footer looks on your website with menus, social media icons and more.


Change how the header on your website looks with a site title and logo, menus, social media icons and more.

Hero Sections

Grab a person’s attention on any page with one of the hero sections. Works great for your homepage and any landing pages.

Link Groups

Create a page full of links to your social media profiles and any other website.

Pricing Tables

Display a table comparing features and prices for various levels of a service you offer.

Resume Sections

Quickly create a digital resume on your website with these resume sections for education and work experience.


Tell your users what you can do or what your product can do with these columns.

Skills Sections

Visually display the skills you have and how good you are with each of them.

Stats Sections

Show off various stats about what you can do.

Talk Sections

Quickly display information about a talk or talks you have given in the past.


Display what others have said about work you’ve done for them in the past.


Quickly create sidebars for your posts and pages with the widget patterns.

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